Turf Freshener (32 oz)

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Keep your artificial grass at its best with Turf Renu. Turf Renu is premium artificial turf pet stain and odour removal cleaner that was designed with your family in mind. It is 100% environmentally safe and biodegradable with no harmful or toxic ingredients. With Turf Renu you can even spray your grass while your kids and pets are playing. Unlike other synthetic turf cleaning products, the Turf Renu is a hypo allergenic product to keep you sane in the summer seasons.

Turf Renu can be used in an unlimited number of applications including: bathroom floors, multi-purpose fields, commercial artificial turf, sink drains, septic tanks and grease traps to name only a few.

If you want to keep your family healthy and your turf in perfect condition – you need Turf Renu.

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