Turf Cloud Flow (Underlay) (15mm - 4' Fall Rating)

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Have you ever wanted to feel what it was like to walk on the clouds? Now you can with Bella Turf’s own Turf Cloud flow artificial grass underlay. The Turf Cloud flow is the ultimate artificial grass add-on that adds extra padding to your grass and makes every step feel softer and more enjoyable. Turf Cloud flow is a firm underlay that not only enhances the feeling of your artificial grass, it also increases the turfs life expectancy and improves the turfs ability for the fibres to bounce back after they have been compressed. Turf Cloud flow has a 5mm mesh that provides added drainage for decks and patios. The mesh allows water to easily drain away while providing an extra level of cushioning. An unique product only available to Bella Turf in Canada. The Turf Cloud flow is ideal for playgrounds, sports areas, areas with small children and any area that you want to enhance the overall feeling of the landscape. Treat you, your family and your pets to the Turf Cloud flow – they’ll love you for it.

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