Self Adhesive Seam Tape - 50 linear ft. (8" Width)

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Simple Seam, our self adhesive seam tape is designed to hold artificial grass seams in place without the use of the traditional 2 part seaming process. Skipping the glue application saves a significant amount of time and allows seams to be finished ahead of schedule.


Bella Turf’s Simple Seam is an 8-inch wide butyl tape specially formulated for seaming artificial grass. The tape is produced on a puncture proof reinforced aluminum backing. Simple Seam is easy to apply, yet will not lose it’s tack in wet conditions. Unlike most other artificial grass seam tape on the market, Simple Seam tape will not crack or age under UV.


– Extremely Easy to Apply
– Superior Adhesion even in wet conditions
– Long-Term Durability
– Excellent Flexibility Over Wide Temperature Range
- Available in 3 different roll lengths (25ft, 50ft, 100ft)
– No VOC

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