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705™ PVC Clear, Medium-Bodied, Fast-Setting

Product Description and Features

Weld-On 705 Industrial Grade PVC Solvent Cement is specially formulated to handle a variety of rigorous industrial applications. This PVC pipe cement is designed for use with pipes and fittings with an interference fit up to a 6-inch diameter and is suitable for all classes and schedules (including Schedule 80 up to a 4-inch diameter). The industrial-grade clear PVC cement creates a deep fusion between PVC pipes and fittings, making it suitable for irrigation, DWV (drain, waste, and vent) systems, electrical conduit, pool and spa, and plumbing (including PVC foam core pipe). It can be used without primer on non-pressure systems if local codes permit. With its medium-bodied viscosity and fast relative set time, this PVC solvent cement applies smoothly and sets quickly to facilitate efficient PVC welding.

  • Medium-bodied, fast-setting, low-VOC PVC cement for all classes and schedules with interference fit through 6" (160 mm) diameter, Schedule 80 through 4" (110 mm) diameter
  • Can be used without primer on non-pressure systems if local codes permit
  • High-strength formula for industrial, irrigation, DWV, electrical conduit, pool & spa and plumbing, including PVC foam core pipe

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