PVC Primer P-70 1/2 pint Clear

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P-70™ Clear Primer

Product Description and Features

Formulated for the most rigorous industrial applications, Weld-On P-70 Industrial Grade PVC/CPVC Primer helps ensure proper pipe welding. It is compatible with all PVC and CPVC pipes and fittings and is especially recommended for use on Schedule 80 as well as large-size pipe. Once applied, this non-bodied pipe primer acts quickly to soften and dissolve the joining surfaces, helping to promote maximum fusion during welding. Follow with the solvent cement of your choice to achieve a strong, high-contact, and long-lasting joint. The benefit of P-70’s strong, aggressive priming action is especially noticeable on parts being joined together in cold weather.

  • Premium, industrial-strength, low-VOC primer essential for proper softening and preparation of PVC and CPVC pipe and fitting surfaces
  • Specially recommended for use on Schedule 80 (PN 10 and higher) and large size pipe
  • Excellent for cold weather applications
  • Available in purple and clear

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