PVC Cement #795 1/4 pint Clear IPS

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795™ Flexible PVC Clear, Medium-Bodied, Fast-Setting

Product Description and Features

Create strong and flexible water-resistant bonds with Weld-On 795 Flex PVC Solvent Cement. Widely used in all aspects of the pool and spa industry, this PVC pipe cement is specially formulated with an elastomer for exceptional joint flexibility. It is suitable for all classes and schedules of rigid and flexible PVC, making it an ideal choice for pumps, pipes, fittings, and valve connections, as well as for bonding PVC hose to rigid PVC fittings and for joining flexible vinyl to itself. This PVC pipe cement is compatible with Schedule 40 pipes and fittings with an interference fit up to a 6-inch diameter and Schedule 80 pipes and fittings up to a 3-inch diameter. And thanks to its medium-bodied viscosity and fast relative set time, this PVC solvent cement applies smoothly and sets quickly to facilitate efficient PVC welding.

  • Medium-bodied, fast-setting, low-VOC PVC solvent cement for use on flex/flex and flex/rigid PVC with interference fit through 6" (160 mm) diameter, Schedule 80 through 3" (90 mm) diameter
  • Premium cement specially formulated for use on flexible and/or rigid PVC
  • Forms flexible, high-strength, water-resistant joints
  • Available in clear and blue

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